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Lunch Specials 

The Lunch Special is main course,  mashed potatoes, gravy, 2 sides, bread and butter $5.95.

Pasta Lunch Specials is main course, hot side, side salad, Texas toast, $5.95.

Each day a 2nd Lunch Special is Gravy Steak

Monday 2/11/19 Pizza Pasta Bake
Tuesday 2/12/19 Pork Manhattan
Wednesday 2/13/19 Beef & Noodles
Thursday 2/14/19 Deep Fried Chicken
Friday 2/15/19 Chicken Noodle Casserole

Monday 2/18/19 Johnnie Marzetti
Tuesday 2/19/19 Sweet & Sour Pork
Wednesday 2/20/19 Baked Cabbage Roll
Thursday 2/21/19 Deep Fried Chicken
Friday 2/22/19 Italian Sausage, Onions, Peppers